Scholar’s Bowl, Where Athletes Exercise Their Mind

Scholar’s Bowl provides amazing ways to learn, examine, and build higher knowledge. It’s a club where students compete against other teams answering questions in categories such as math, literature, science, foreign languages, social studies, english/language arts, sports, etc. Practices are held in sponsor, Sena Hough’s room, in sixth grade hall Monday after school and Fridays in the morning.

“Students should join, because it’s fun,” Hough said. “Nothing is more fun than finding out what you know and don’t know. It’s also interesting to see how the other schools do, and how well they know their information.”

Members of the club are the definition of student-athlete, as they have to be smart, willing to exercise their mind, but also able to support their teammates.

“Everybody keeps each other relaxed,” eighth grader, Luis Rivera said. “If someone gets a question wrong, we don’t put each other down, we all miss questions, it’s not the end of the world.”

Students who would like to join may talk to Hough, or fellow sponsor Jordan Beeson.

“Anybody that is interested, please come out,” Beeson said.