Robotics is Where Innovation Comes From the Minds of Students

“Robotics challenges kids,” Webber said. “It gives them projects that allows kids see that they have an amazing ability to create things that others around us might need and can use.”

A project that robotics members are working on is making robots that have to go through a maze without a person controlling them. The robots have to be able to go through the maze by their own intelligence.  

Irvin Cazares is a student that Mrs.Webber believes could have a future in robotics.

“It’s a fun class,” Cazares said, “I enjoy technology, my older brother, Alan, used to be in robotics. I would see him and his projects, and thought it looked fun. I like creating things with big and small legos and believe I can have a great future with robotics.”

Erek Lira, a seventh grader at Seymour Rogers said, “Robotics is fun and I enjoy it. I am looking forward to the world issues project, and building a baseball machine. I like how robotics is challenging but lets you be creative.”