New Halloween a Must See For Horror Fans

The acting was very good, and on the scary scale we rate it as an eight out of 10.

What really sets this film apart from the older “Halloween” movies is the overall brutality of Meyers portrayed in the film. He is enormous, powerful, and vicious in his scenes. Also, you get a look at older Meyers minus the mask for a better part of the film, but when the mask comes out, it is on.

The 59 year old, Jamie Lee Curtis returns to the series and brings a great comic relief in her parts, she really makes the film.

Out of the entire “Halloween” series, we rank it as the best one because it has better graphics, and is much more horrific than the other ones. We grade the overall film as a 90 out of 100. We recommend those who enjoy the horror genre watch this new take on the “Halloween” series, it’s excellent.