Q and A With Mr. Short

Q) What got you into teaching and coaching?

A) “Teaching is interesting because I never knew I wanted to be a teacher. I was 30 years old before I even got the thought of being a teacher, but I think it was teaching children’s church at church, that made me realize, okay, kids are fun and kind of at the same level as me. I am kind of an immature adult, so that kind of got me into teaching and just enjoying that time. Coaching, I just love sports. Just being able to teach kids things other than in school, it's helpful and teaches good  morals, good values, and how just being on a team can really help in areas.”

Q) What kind of music do you listen to?

A)“I listen to 80’s music and a lot of christian music that’s what I like. That’s what I listen to most of the time.”

Q) What were you like as a kid?

A)“I was very much, not like I am right now. I mean I am immature now, but I was more immature obviously as a kid because I was younger. But I didn’t get into trouble. I was pretty ornery, my friends and I did some stupid stuff, but fortunately we didn’t get caught. I think that is what taught me in a way how to be a teacher. I know students try to get away with things, and they can get away with things, but I would say I was probably an annoying kid. One of those kids that many teachers would find very annoying. I had a really squeaky voice, it was even more annoying than now. I didn’t get in trouble with my teachers, but I was more on the sneaky side, and tried to do things outside of school.

Q) What are your thoughts about your kids and upcoming baby?

A) “My thoughts on my kids are I think they are great. My oldest daughter, I unfortunately am starting to see some attitude with her. Learning from sixth graders kind of shows you how to deal with that and what to look out for. My twins are two girls, they are starting to fight a lot, and I am hoping they are going to be good big sisters because there is a boy on the way, which I am excited about, because I want a boy that will play sports, that I can throw the football around with. My girls are a little to girly right now. They are into Volleyball, and gymnastics and  that kind of stuff. I look forward to having one more, this will be our last one. I am getting really old but I am excited about having a fourth.”