SRMS A.V.I.D. Sponsors and Students Visit Sunflower and Prairie View Elementary Schools

Riggs began teaching A.V.I.D. in 2009 after his wife, Liberal High School instructor, Luz Riggs, brought the program to Liberal in 2004. Riggs and the A.V.I.D. sponsors are currently working on organizing a parent night.

“I'm ready for it,” Riggs said. “We have a powerpoint which we show the parents, and it's really powerful that they get to see local people and students that have earned scholarships by their work in A.V.I.D., their great grades, and filling out the paperwork, because you can't get a scholarship unless you fill it out.”

With the A.V.I.D application due date just around the corner, Riggs and the other A.V.I.D sponsors will have to make their decisions about who will get into A.V.I.D in the 2019-2020 school year. When asked about the key concepts that Riggs looks for when deciding the students he said that he looks at, “The application, the interview, it's also the stuff on the computer” Riggs stated, ‘Like having to look into their grades and as an A.V.I.D student you have to keep your grades up in all classes, so I’m looking at what they were doing in fifth grade, if they had any office referrals, another factor that people don't understand is if their parents went to college, and you have a better chance of getting in than if not than someone whose parents who went to college.”

A.V.I.D. has made a great impact on Jazmyn Maes, eighth grader at Seymour Rogers.

“AVID has helped me become less shy in front of people,” Jazmyn said. “I joined A.V.I.D. because I was really shy and I wouldn't talk to anyone, I would encourage others to take A.V.I.D. if they need help on their work, or going to colleges, and overcoming shyness.”