Robotics Returns from Cosmosphere and Prepares for Competition


by Erika Ortiz

Seymour Roger’s Robotics club had a field trip to the Kansas Cosmosphere, a large museum about space and space travel located in Hutchinson. They went on the visit as they’re going to have a competition with five states on Saturday, March 23, at the Liberal Air Museum. The competition is focused on the students building a robot that can go through tests without human assistance.

Seymour Rogers algebra instructor and robotics sponsor, Michelle Webber, enjoyed it and is planning on taking future trips.

“The students asked to go again,” Webber said. “The students were excited and had fun. They got to see all the constellations on the dome, they also watched  a movie dealing with what could happen next in space. They got to take part in many activities. It was a long trip, with a little bit of everything.”

The competition Saturday will include competitors from five different states coming to Liberal for the event.

“The project they’re doing involves them having to build a robot that will do different missions," Webber said. "All missions must be completed through the robot no hands. The project helps them with critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork. As the coach, I’m not allowed to help, I can guide but can’t give any answers.”

The students have to figure it out on their own, and the operation of the robot has to be completely hands off.

“I feel excited and think it’s going to be interesting,” robotics student, Melia Schultz said. “To see what other teams are doing and how they compete as a group. I am very confident about our project, but still know other projects are going to be good.”

Something Schultz thinks is challenging about this project is, “Having to program, because we have to make the robot do things and complete tasks by itself.”