Many Apache Grapplers Place in Season Opening Action

“I think we did very well for the first meet,” assistant head wrestling coach, Jordan Beeson said. “We had a lot of students that wrestled well, and many athletes that placed. Pretty much everyone who wrestled got a win, and the ones who did not weren’t on varsity, but they hustled and they did very well.”

The top performers that placed were Alejandro Pando, who placed second in the 92 lb. weight class, Kevin Sepulveda, who placed third in the 200 lb. weight class,  Isis Dominguez placed 2nd at 86 lbs., and Fermin Rios finished with a bronze in the 86 lb. division.

Sepulveda felt good about their performance as a team and has high hopes for Saturday.

“I think I might do pretty good,” Sepulveda said. “I placed in the top three in my last meet, and hope to place in the top three again.”

Seymour Rogers will travel to Hugoton for a tournament on Saturday, Nov. 3.