Seventh Grade Apaches Fall to 0-5 Following MSWAC Contests

“I think we played bad,” Apache guard Jovanni Garcia said. “We didn't play hard like other times, I think we would've won one of the games if we gave our best effort.”

On Tuesday, Jan 22, the Seymour Rogers Basketball team took on Guymon. Seymour Rogers fell 22-41 in the contest.

Thursday Jan. 31, the Apaches will play against Horace Good of Garden City. The Apaches come into the contest currently sitting at 0-5.

“If we want to get a win we need to improve,” Garcia said. “No one wants an 0-5 record, we are going to play hard so we have better record and get this win against Horace Good and make Coach Miles proud.”

Tipoff is at 4 p.m.