Apache Eighth Graders Fall to 0-5 Following Weekend Contests

On Jan. 22, the eighth grade Apaches took on the Tigers from Guymon Middle School. Seymour Rogers moved to 0-3 following the 43-10 loss to the Tigers.

“We played alright,” Apaches head coach James Shelby said. “They played hard, we were just out-manned and we didn’t rotate the ball well enough, but they actually rebounded the ball for once so that was good.”

The Apaches will seek to improve in a winnable contest versus Horace Good at Seymour Rogers on Thursday, Jan. 31.

“We need to work on our toughness,” Shelby said. “Guys need to go up with the ball when they’re open, hopefully the guys come ready to compete this Saturday.”

The contest will tip off at 4 p.m. at Seymour Rogers Middle School.